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8 October 2021

No Session


17 September 2021

Guha Krishnamurthi

12 November 2021

Lucia Zedner

24 September 2021

Romina Rekers

22 October 2021

Fernando Bracaccini

19 November 2021

Tarek Yusari

The Wrongfulness Constraint Objection to Instrumentalism


7 May 2021

Personal Lives and Public Laws: Intimacy, Deception and the State

4 June 2021

Matt Matravers

Leading Non-Criminal Lives

2 and 9 July 2021

Special Sessions:
Ideal Theory in Criminal Law

Briefs by Norrie, Walen, Krishnamurthi, Enoch, Duff, Classmann, Burchard

14 May 2021

Sex Exceptionalism in Criminal Law

11 June 2021

Mattia Pinto

Punishing Torture through Human Rights: The Paradox of Rights-Based Penal Discourses

16 July 2021

Sarah Seo

Between pardons and treason: conspiracy laws in the United States

21 May 2021

Stephen GalooB
Erin Sheley

Reconceiving Coercion-Based Defense

18 June 2021

Sandy Mayson

Theory of Mind and the Criminal Law

28 May 2021

Ryan LIss

Criminal Law in a World of States

25 JUne 2021

José Manuel Fernandez

Towards a political conception of domestic violence

Term 3
Term 2


September-November 2020

9 October 2020

Tarek Yusari

Allocating Criminal Law's Powers and Permissions: An Instrumentalist Approach

11 September 2020

Christoph Burchard

Of Forging Shields into Swords - On the dialectic of rights and the new liberal desire for criminal law

16 October 2020

Kimberly Ferzan

Punishment, Proportionality, and Aggregation

25 September 2020

Jonathan Simon

Four Myths of the Punitive Society: How Over-punishment Became Hardwired into Western Legal Systems, and Why Ideal Theory Can Do Little About It

30 October 2020

Doug Husak

The Price of Skepticism 

2 October 2020

Victor Tadros

Distributing Responsibility

13 November 2020

Rocío Lorca

Does Imperium need Ius Puniendi? On the necessity of punishment for the modern state 

Term 1


March-July 2020

26 June 2020

Frank Zimmermann

Political Turns in Criminal Law Theory – Steps Towards a More “Political” Criminal Law?

3 April 2020

Peter Ramsey

The Sovereign’s Presumption of Authority (aka The Presumption of Innocence)

8 May 2020

Wilenmann, Chiao, Lorca, Burchard

5 June 2020

Stephanie Classmann

Fallacies, False Promises, and Liberal Theories of Criminalisation

12 June 2020

Carla Sepúlveda Penna

The political turn and the limits of criminal law:
limitation periods in comparative perspective

17 JUly 2020

Rafi Reznik

Hobbes v. Heller

24 April 2020

Malcolm Thorburn

22 May 2020

Lindsay Farmer

The Market
in Criminal Law Theory

19 June 2020

Javier Ciguela Sola

Social Exclusion and the Political Legitimacy of Punishment

24 JUly 2020

Alejandro Chehtman

Defensive rights and the laws of armed war

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