Virtual Workshop

on the Political Turn(s) in Criminal Law Thinking

In the virtual workshop on the political turn(s) in criminal law thinking, we seek to keep the discussions on criminal law and justice going, despite and because of the Corona crisis.



Vincent Chiao
Javier Wilenmann von Bernath

Rocío Lorca
Christoph Burchard


What´s next

This is a pre-read workshop: meetings will proceed on the assumption that all participants have read the paper. For more information about how we run the workshop, click here.

To download the papers, click on the paper titles. To obtain the password, please get in  touch with Christoph Burchard via email.

The time of our workshop is set in
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). You can e.g. use this link to calculate your time.

If you want to present a paper, please also drop Christoph Burchard an email.

Alejandro Chehtman


Friday, 24 July 2020

16.30-18.00 GMT | 17.30 London Time | 18.30 Berlin Time | 12.30 Santiago Time | 12.30 Toronto Time |= 09.30 Los Angeles Time

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We will reconvene in September


What we discussed so far

Malcolm Thorburn


Policing and Public Office

Stephanie Classmann

Fallacies, False Promises, and Liberal Theories of Criminalisation


Frank Zimmer-mann


Political Turns in Criminal Law Theory – Steps Towards a More “Political” Criminal Law?

Peter Ramsay


The Sovereign’s Presumption of Authority (aka The Presumption of Innocence)

Lindsay Farmer

The Market
in Criminal Law Theory

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Carla Sepúlveda Penna

The political turn and the limits of criminal law:
limitation periods in comparative perspective

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Wilenmann, Chiao, Lorca, Burchard

Framing the Political Turn

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The voice of the polity in criminal law

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Javier Ciguela Sola


Social Exclusion and the Political Legitimacy of Punishment

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Rafi Reznik


Hobbes v. Heller